2 posts that just might have predicted the future of 3D animated movies

We’ve been going to the cinema to watch superheros save the world since 1951, but some would argue that it hasn’t really become mainstream to love comic book superheros until Sam Raimi released Spider-Man in 2002. It seems like the very first few superhero flicks of the ‘new age’ were so cool, mildly original, and super fun to watch. Now, 15 years later, it seems like audiences’ tastes have changed… To retro comics? Seems like a logical move since all superheros began with their own comic books, and it doesn’t take a huge leap to go from classic comics to the Sunday funny papers. It seems like this is the shift, considering the two latest teaser trailers that came online just recently. Blue Sky Studios (the team behind the popular Ice Age franchise) has teamed up with 20th Century Fox to bring us a modern CGI version of the classic Peanuts comic. Check out the teaser below:



Keep in mind the Peanuts teaser isn’t exactly brand new, as it was posted way back in March, but relatively more recently in September, Sony Pictures Animation somewhat quietly released an animation test for a brand new animated feature rebooting the Popeye comic strip. Check out that test here:


What do you guys think? Are these teaser trailers and animation tests a sneak peek into the future landscape of 3D animation? Post your thoughts below!

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DJI’s Phantom followup: Meet the 4K Inspire1 drone

DJI’s original Phantom Vision has taken the video world by storm in recent months. Its massive popularity has been strong enough to even bring a wide range of consumers from causal enthusiasts to professional, large scale production companies. Now that they’ve proven themselves with the Phantom model, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Today DJI has released a brand new model that is equipped with a camera capable of 4k images further making incredible filmmaking tools more accessible to indie filmmakers and enthusiasts. Anyone ordered already? Share your reviews below!

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You Had Me at Cello

I don’t know if you guys follow film composers as much as I do, but when it comes to movies, the score is absolutely what makes the experience amazing. And generally speaking, it’s the sound that separates the men from the boys. Movies and videos with superior sound win every single time. Speaking of outstanding […]

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1 Year Later: How Vine is Changing Everything We Think We Know About Video Production

Hey guys, It’s been just over a year since Vine was launched… Crazy, right? Despite what people might have thought at first, Vine is quickly becoming something much bigger than we all might have dreamed. Now, instead of writing a script, assembling a cast and crew, going through a kickstarter campaign, trying to raise funds, […]

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