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How To Add Video Textures in Cycles (Blender 2.70)

Hey guys!

Tips have been around on how to add video textures in Blender’s internal rendering engine, but I only saw forum posts on how to add video textures to Blender’s relatively new Cycles rendering engine. So I fooled around and figured it out! This is my first video tutorial ever, so please be gentle. I’ve never made any tutorials because I’ve always been learning from everyone else, but I thought I might contribute something back to the awesomely talented and nerdy Blender community.  Any questions, concerns? Leave a comment!


See you guys next time.


What Amazon’s new Fire Phone means for mobile video

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, Amazon has released its first ever smartphone. It’s being called a revolutionary 3D smartphone and will completely change the way we interact with our world, but how will this impact the mobile filmmaker?  The Fire Phone boasts six built-in cameras, however only two of which are actually meant for capturing images. The other four on the front are designed to help enhance the “dynamic perspective” displayed when the user tilts the phone.

The Fire Phone features a 13MP rear-facing camera and a 2.1MP front-facing camera; not revolutionary by any means. Amazon’s angle for making their cameras stand out is by promoting the OIS feature (Optical Image Stabilization). It claims to stabilize images with less noise and blurriness by… keeping the shutter open longer? Not convinced.

That said, this phone is not built with a heavy emphasis on video. The biggest selling point is the ability to call up anything on by simply taking a picture of it. Designed with the Prime consumer in mind, the camera specs are only slightly above average. If you’re in the market for a phone that excels in video, take a look at the Samsung Galaxy series. The Note 3, among others are already boasting 4K resolution. Look out Hollywood!


Short Film Noir Project to be Shot in South Carolina

Hey guys,

We’ve had to push back the filming dates for Gladiolus due to technical issues, but we will be back on track within the next few months. We’re also opening up a South Carolina-based crew call so we can restart preproduction as soon as possible. You’re interested in being a part of a film noir set in the old south, email us at



Breaking into 3D

Hello all!

This month I’ve been working with the fantastic 3D animation software Blender to create some really cool effects that can be used for motion graphics as well as visual effects. Today I’m applying a cell fracture add-on to an object in order to break it into pieces to achieve some really cool effects. I’m looking forward to compiling all my animations together, as well as a few other video projects, into the new 2013 showreel. Looking forward to it!


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