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2013 showreel

Here’s a quick summary of all the fun stuff that happened! http://youtu.be/FyEZKQ_Jy8Q


Short Film Noir Project to be Shot in South Carolina

Hey guys, We’ve had to push back the filming dates for Gladiolus due to technical issues, but we will be back on track within the next few months. We’re also opening up a South Carolina-based crew call so we can restart preproduction as soon as possible. You’re interested in being a part of a film … Continue reading


The Tides of Change

Things are definitely changing, but I’ll try to keep you guys updated on the goings on… In the meantime, here’s a picture I snagged this morning. By the way… if I attempted another Heirloom project… Would anyone watch it?

Sequence 02.Still001

Tenacious: Defined

Created for a Project Ed contest, the challenge was to shoot a 1-minute video that defines the word “tenacious.” Here is my attempt:


Breaking into 3D

Hello all! This month I’ve been working with the fantastic 3D animation software Blender to create some really cool effects that can be used for motion graphics as well as visual effects. Today I’m applying a cell fracture add-on to an object in order to break it into pieces to achieve some really cool effects. … Continue reading


Emmy Winner.

Last night [2.71] films’ collaboration with Buoyant Productions “Handle With Care” resulted in an Emmy statuette. Congratulations to everyone involved! What a huge¬†accomplishment!


The Mislead

Hello world! We’re beginning work on a new project by Fair Game Films called “The Mislead.” We’re filming the promo to be posted on Indiegogo¬†in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest goodies! Peace, -Matt

photo cropped


Hello all! Just wanted to share some exciting news! Elizabeth Spitsbergen’s short Handle With Care (you may remember my posts from last year) was nominated for an EMMY last night! A huge congratulations to Elizabeth and all her cast and crew! Well done!



There has to be rain before there can be a rainbow.


Life and Death

Filmmaking is very much life and death. You have to love it to death to bring it to life. Today I was lucky enough to get lost and discover a new place. When was the last time you got lost?


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